Walthers Cornerstone Motorising Kit


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Animate your models in minutes with the Walthers Cornerstone Motorizing Kit. This fully assembled drive unit is a drop-in mount for Walthers Double Track Swing Bridge (933-3088), 90′ Turntable Kit (933-3171) and the Walking Beam Oil Pumps in HO (933-3170) or N Scale (933-3248), all sold separately. The Motorizing Kit can easily be adapted to other models. It’s complete with a rugged DC motor and has 360:1 gearing to insure smooth, slow speeds.
PLEASE NOTE: This unit is for use with DC power only; maximum 12V, .25 amps.

  • Use with Cornerstone structures that accept motorizing
  • 360:1 gear ratio
  • Works on standard DC