Trumpeter 09562 1/35 Russian 2S34 Hosta Self-Propelled Howitzer/Motar Plastic Model Kit


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Product Introduction:
The 2S34 Hosta is a modernized version of the 2S1 Gvosdika. However upgraded artillery system is a howitzers/mortar rather than howitzer. The 2S34 Hosta was developed in line with changing battlefield requirements of the Russian Army. Currently Russian Army operates a vast fleet for of ageing 2S1 Gvosdika self-propelled howitzers that could be upgraded in order to extend their operational life. Russian Army ordered the 2S34 Hosta in 2011. Modernisation of the 2S1 with the 122 mm 2A31 gun replaced by the 120 mm 2A80. Further improvements include a new fire control system, a battlefield observation system and the ability to fire the Kitolov-2M guided ammunition. First production artillery systems were delivered in 2012. Currently approximately 30 of these artillery systems are in service with the Russian Army. It is also proposed for export customers.

Item No: 09562
Item Name: Russian 2S34 Hosta Self-Propelled Howitzer/Mortar
Scale: 1:35
Item Type: Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Brief: Length: 220.4mm Width: 86mm
Total Parts: 1000+
Metal Parts: copper cable
Photo Etched Parts: 2 pcs
Film Parts: n/a
Resin Parts: n/a
Total Sprues: 21 sprues , upper hull and lower hull

More Features
-The kit consists of over 1000 parts
-the kit w/refined detail
-multi-slide moulded turret and lower hull
-individual tracks links
-Etched Photo parts included

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.