Trumpeter 02268 1/32 A-4M Skyhawk Plastic Model Kit


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The A-4 “Aquila” is a Douglas-designed jet attack aircraft that replaces the US Navy’s A-1 “Sky Attacker.” Douglas reduced its size, weight and complexity to a minimum. The result is that the aircraft weighs only half the design requirements of the Navy. Its wings are short and compact, and can be easily parked on an aircraft carrier without folding.

The A-4M is a model of the Marine Corps. It has improved avionics and replaced the J52-P-408 jet engine with a larger thrust. The thrust is 11,200 pounds (about 50 kN), which expands the cockpit and is equipped with IFF. system. Later, the machine was equipped with laser and television tracking equipment and AN/ASB-19 angular velocity bombing system (ARBS), which produced a total of 158 aircraft.

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.