Tamiya 24359 1/24 1989 Sauber-Mercedes C9 Plastic Model Kit


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Mercedes-Benz won the victory again for the first time in 37 years at the 1989 tournament, a traditional 24-hour race held in France. The machine name is Sauber Mercedes C 9. Swiss constructor Sauber is in charge of chassis development and is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz powertrain. Debuting in 1987, the C 9 did not win the World Sportscar Championship (WSPC) that year, but also participated in the German racing car championship “Super Cup” and won the final race. From 1988, the team name was changed to Sauber Mercedes, winning 5 wins in the WSPC and 3 wins in the Super Cup. And in 1989, the C 9 replaced the engine and achieved a significant power-up. In addition to the mechanical improvements, the coloring was changed to a single silver color, suggesting that the Mercedes-Benz works system was further strengthened. This year, three machines were introduced in the traditional 24-hour endurance race. Along with a splendid 1-2 finish, the third car also won the 5th place. In addition, in WSPC, he won 7 out of 8 races and achieved the triple crown of maker, team and driver. It can be said that the overwhelming strength heralded the revival of the strongest former Mercedes machine, “Silver Arrows”.


  • 1/24 scale, overall length 197 mm, overall width 84 mm, overall height 67 mm (including antenna).
  • Realistically reproduces the smooth form with little air resistance unique to C cars.
  • The V8 twin-turbo engine accurately reproduces the main body and auxiliary equipment such as turbo.
  • Turbo unit with heat shield, radiator and intercooler core, seatbelt buckle, etched parts such as louver cover on the front fender, and stainless steel wire for antenna.
  • Slide marks are made by high quality cult graph. Marks that can be finished on cars 61, 62, and 63 are available.
  • A masking sticker for window painting is also included.
  • The front wheels can be steered.
  • The radiator mounted horizontally inside the nose is also reproduced.
  • The intercooler at the rear of the bulkhead and the rear suspension with the damper placed horizontally and vertically on the subframe are also realistically finished.
  • Bucket type driver’s seat, dummy seat, fire extinguisher, instrument panel and other cockpits have a sufficient three-dimensional effect.
  • Slick tires are made of textured synthetic rubber.

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.