Tamiya 1/35 M3 Stuart Late Production


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Spring 1940: watching on as Nazi German forces swept through Western Europe, U.S. military planners concluded that a replacement was needed for their M2A4, which was rapidly looking obsolete. Their immediate answer was the M3 light tank, which began production in March 1941, the original design employing a riveted hull and 250hp engine, with firepower provided by the 37mm main gun. Late production variants had a new lowered turret without cupola, with some later models having their sponson machine guns removed. The M3 not only fought in U.S. colors in North Africa, it was also supplied to the Red Army via Britain, serving in reconnaissance and infantry support roles.

About the Model
-This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 129mm, width: 64mm.
-A highly accurate rendering of the WWII tank is based upon extensive study of full-size vehicles.
-Authentically captures riveted hull and cupola-less turret with machine gun and mount.
-Features optional parts recreating sponson machine guns.
-Realistic depiction of suspension is combined with convenient belt-type track parts.
-Comes with a commander torso figure and head parts to allow assembly as U.S. or Red Army.
-Includes three marking options: one U.S. and two Red Army schemes.

Tamiya Color Spray Paint
TS-5 Olive drab

Tamiya Color
X-7 Red
XF-6 Copper
XF-66 Light grey
X-11 Chrome silver
XF-15 Flat flesh
XF-84 Dark iron
X-12 Gold leaf
XF-51 Khaki drab
XF-85 Rubber black
X-18 Semi gloss black
XF-56 Metallic grey
XF-1 Flat black
XF-64 Red brown

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.