Spacerail Level 1 5m Marble Run Kit


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SpaceRail is a line of do-it-yourself toy rolling ball roller coasters. Cut the length of the track to the correct size, form cubes and loops, attach them to metal rods in the plastic base and you are ready to go roll! SpaceRail is a crazy, self-perpetuating gizmo that will delight kids and adults alike.

After unboxing SpaceRail and figuring out how to put it all together, the fun starts. Place two marbles into the central shaft and watch as they shoot off down the rails, taking the hair pins, gaining speed on the dips and looping the loop until they reach the bottom of the central shaft and start over again and again. It’s potentially a never-ending self-perpetuating spectacle. SpaceRail is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves physics, science or just marbles.

Your SpaceRail journey starts here!

Rail length: 5000mm
Assembled size: 64 x 18 x 36cm
Steel balls: 2pcs
Difficulty: Easy
Assembly time: 1-2 hours
Recommended for beginners

Base Unit x 2
Elevator Helix x 12
Shaft 300mm x 7
Shaft 200mm x 2
Rail (about out 10000mm) x 1
Arm A1 x 17
Arm Holder A x 17
Arm Sheath x 20
Arm Wrench (A5) x 37
Arm Holder B x 20
Rail Stand x 40
Gear x 1
Elevator Ring x 3
Elevator Cover x 1
Seesaw Part x 3
Base Holder (Big) x 1
Base Holder (Small) x 1
Shaft Stand x 1
Steel Ball x 2
Rail Joining x 4
English/Chinese Instruction Manual x 1