Powerline PC-408E HO 15 AS VR Blue & Gold S Type Carriage First Art Deco


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Powerline PC-408E VR Blue & Yellow First Class 15AS | HO Gauge
The S type carriages are a corridor-type passenger carriage used on the railways of Victoria, Australia. The first carriages were constructed by the Victorian Railways in 1937 for use on the ‘Spirit of Progress’, a service between Melbourne and Albury, with additional carriages built for other trains and operators until the mid-1950s. A total of 30 carriages were made.

Two major variants of the S-type carriage were constructed: AS first-class cars with 3+3 seating in each compartment, and BS second-class cars with 4+4 seating. A handful of other cars were constructed for various specialist purposes. A number of conversions were carried out in later years, with the addition of beds to some to create sleeping cars, and buffet modules fitted to others to provide on-board catering facilities. The BRS buffet cars were the most recent conversion, made as part of the New Deal reforms on Victorian regional railways in the early 1980s.

The cars saw little use after the early 1990s, due to the introduction of the Sprinter railcars, and most were disposed of. A number were sold to ‘West Coast Railway’ (WCR), with others being allocated to preservation groups such as ‘Steamrail Victoria’, ‘707 Operations’ and the ‘Seymour Railway Heritage Centre’. After the demise of WCR, some of their cars were converted to crew cars for interstate trains, while others were on-sold to the same preservation groups listed above. A handful of sitting carriages were retained by V/Line to bolster their normal fleet.

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Other Information
OPERATOR: Victorian Railways (VR)
LIVERY: Royal Blue & Gold
BUILD DATE: 1937-1956
COUPLING: Body Mounted Kadee Knuckle Couplers