Postage Stamp 1/100 Pappy Boyington F4U Corsair #86


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Postage Stamp – 1/100 F4U Corsair VMF-214 #86 Pappy Boyington

The F4U Corsair was a naval fighter aircraft with a production lifespan that covered World War II and the Korean War. In both conflicts, it was deployed to great effect by the US Navy and Marine Corps. The F4U had a maximum speed of 417 mph / 671 kph and carried six .50 caliber machine guns or four 20-mm cannons, as well as a pair of 2000 lb. bombs and six rockets.

This model is a replica of F4U aircraft #86 piloted by Maj. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, CO of the VMF-214 “Black Sheep” Squadron, which became famous in the Pacific theatre of World War II. In their first 84 days of operation the Black Sheep attained a record of 203 victories – enemy planes shot down, troop transports and supply ships sunk, and ground installations destroyed. Boyington himself claimed 28 total kills before his F4U was shot down in early 1944, after which he survived interment as a Japanese POW till the end of the war. He was awarded both the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross in October 1945.

This diecast metal airplane model comes in 1:100 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 4 inches (10.2cm) long with a 4 3/4 inch (12cm) wingspan.