Peco SL-113 Transition Track (4)


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For use between sections of Code 100 and Code 75 track, so for example could be used to incorporate a Code 75 Asymmetric 3- way Turnout (SL-E199) into a Code 100 layout, or to connect a Code 100 Streamline or Setrack ‘fiddle yard’ to a Code 75 scenic section.

Normally conductive; although the electrical connections between the 2 rail types can be cut to provide an electrical break. Supplied in a pack of 4.

Designed to join Code 100 track to Code 75 track this new track section is extremely easy to use. Simply insert a thin piece of plasticard under the Code 75 track that is being joined to give support. The Transition Track itself takes care of the difference in rail height to maintain a level rail surface. It is also slightly flexible to help with positioning.