Oxford 1/76 Sherman Tank Mkiii Royal Scots 1943


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Only the second release on our new 1:76 scale American Sherman Tank Mk III, we see it here as deployed in Italy in 1943 with one of the most famous British regiments, the Royal Scots Greys. Up to that point in World War 2, the regiment had been in North Africa fighting Rommeling Panzer units but in January 1943, they withdrew and were re-equipped as an all-Sherman tank regiment to participate in the Italian Campaign. Our 1:76 scale Sherman tank represents their deployment in this role.

Decorated in the sand and grey black camouflage scheme, our model features matt white underside gun barrels and black caterpillar tracks and for this release also features a rear turret box. The history of the Royal Scots Greys goes back to 1678 with their roots firmly in Scotland and a tiny detail sees their brigade badge of a purple and green Scottish thistle printed on the front wheel arch. Note too, the RAF roundel with yellow surround printed on the upper surface of the tank, so as to be seen from the air.