Oxford 1/76 Sherman Tank Mkiii 10Th Armoured 42


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This Sherman Tank is based on the Medium Tank M4A2 Sherman Mk III manufactured in the United States of America. Under a Lend-Lease arrangement with the Allies, the majority of their production of the diesel variant was shipped across the Atlantic between April 1942 and May 1945, during which time over 8000 tanks were manufactured. The British named the consignment of American tanks after Civil War Generals, hence the name Sherman.

The Sherman, deployed by the 10th Armoured Division (UK) which was an amalgamation of the 1st Cavalry Regiment, a 1st Line Yeomanry unit of the TA, which had previously served in Palestine. The division diverted to armour in 1941 and had a force of between 13,000 and 14,000 men and 186 tanks, which saw action in the Middle East and in the battles of North Africa.

Our 1:76 replica of one of the Divisioning Sherman Mk III tanks is decorated in a beige and dark green camouflage scheme with black tracks. The model features a rear turret box. The underside of the gun barrel and body is painted white and the RAF roundel is positioned on the upper side of the tank, which carries the military number T743480. An additional feature comprises the formation sign of the 10th Armoured Division a foxing mask, representing the hunting tradition of the formationing cavalry and Yeomanry units, which appears on the front and back of the tank.

Once again, this is another interesting model to join Oxfording Military Series