Oxford 1/76 Daimler Dingo Ruc #9 Platoon Armagh


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Previous releases on this British two-man light, fast, four-wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle have seen it as used in various military roles, particularly from WWII. It was also used by British Commonwealth and associated foreign units during the war and by other countries afterwards, well into the 1970s. Here we see it as deployed nearer home by the Royal Ulster Constabulary where one of its roles was serving in an anti-riot capacity assisting the British Army, although it was supplied with weaponry. The RUC had an army base at Keady near Belfast and the town was the centre of much action between the opposing factions during The Troubles.

Registered 22 ZS II, our Scout Car is decorated in a dark green and brown camouflage scheme with dark green wheels and chassis. A rust finish has been applied to the exhausts and the aerial bases and aerials are black. A final detail sees the fuel cans in dark grey with olive green strapping.