Mikro-Mir 350-010 1/350 Soviet Navy submarine SHCH class, X-bis-series (2 in box) Plastic Model Kit


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Submarines Series X «Shchuka» – the first type medium submarines built in the Soviet Union. Design of four submarines of this series was held in parallel with the design of submarines of Project I «Dekabrist». Polutorakorpusnaya (with bulyami) PL riveted construction was intended for mass construction. Therefore, the development of the project a lot of attention was paid to its all-round reduction in price.
All the “Shchuka” Project X have served in the Baltic Fleet. During the Great Patriotic War, three of the four boats were lost.
Displacement above-water / underwater 572 m / 672 m Length 57 m

Breadth 6.2 m Draught
surfaced 3.76 m
number and power of the main diesel engines 2 x 600 hp
number and power of the main motor 2 x 400 hp
full speed surfaced 11.5 kt
full underwater speed 8.5
bonds Cruising range surfaced complete speed of 1350 miles (9 kt)
Cruising range surfaced economic rate of 3130 miles (8.5 kt)
underwater cruising range 112 miles at economic speed (2.8 kt)
Autonomy 20 days
Working immersion depth 75 m Maximum immersion depth
90 m
Armament: 4 bow and stern 2 TA, the total ammunition 10 torpedoes
one 45-mm cannon (500 rounds) This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.