ICM 1/35 ZiL-131 Svt. Truck w/MTRZ.Rifles


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The kit includes four figures – one officer and three soldiers of Afghan War Soviet motorized troops and an accurate copy of ZiL-131 .

ZiL-131 was the main all-road Soviet Army truck of 70’s – 80’s. It’s serial production was launched in 1967. This truck featured high reliability and all-road abilities.

The basic model was used mainly as personnel transport or 5-t cargo truck.

Those trucks were supplied to Warsaw Pact countries and also to many countries of Asia and Africa.

There were many ZiL-131 modifications for Soviet Army and civilian use. There had been produced about 1000000 trucks since 1967 till 1990 in ZiL plant. Improved model ZiL-131N was being produced since 1986 and later production moved to Ural Automotive Plant. Small parties of chassis for different special purpose vehicles are being produced to the present time.

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.