Hornby R30019 Colas Class 66 Co-Co 66850 David Maidment Obe – Era 11 (2021 Release)


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Delivered into Newport Docks on board the MV Stellanova in April 2004, 66850 first went into service with Freightliner, before being transferred to operations with Colas in June 2011. In August 2013, 66850 was named ‘David Maidment OBE’ at the National Track Plant Exhibition at Long Marston, in a naming ceremony honouring the founder of the ‘Railway Children’ charity. Railway Children was founded in 1996, following Maidment’s encounter with a young girl begging on a railway station in India and he has since dedicated his life to raising awareness of the plight of children living alone and at risk on the streets and railway platforms.