Hong Kong Models 1/32 Lancaster B Mk.I Nose Art Kit


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Immediately after World War II broke out, Barnes Wallis of Vickers suggested bombing and destroying a group of dams supplying power in the Ruhr area, Germany’s largest industrial area.

The idea was to design a bomb in the shape of a drum can with about 3 tons of explosives, give it a reverse rotation to the direction of travel upon dropping, and skip it over the water’s surface to strike the dam’s wall to let it sink and explode at a depth of 9 meters to destroy the dam.

On May 13, 1943 at midnight, 617 squadron’s 19 Lancaster B MK. III succeeded in destroying the Mohne and Eder dams in Germany, which made the squadron earn the monicker ” The Dambusters.”

The excellent Hong Kong Models 1/32 Lancaster B MK.III has been re-tooled with a newly sculpted lower surface to carry this special bomb upkeep.

A note from the manufacturer: “90% of the parts and structures in this kit are shared with the Lancaster MK I. In fact, the actual Dambusters that were modified were MK Is, as well as MK IIIs. Only the bomb bays received a series of modifications with some mechanical structures to drive the spinning bomb. Also added was a fairing cover to the standard bomb bay. Therefore the Mk III Dambuster kit contains most of parts for the MK I HKM01E010, along with the extra bomb bay stuff. This kit also has two decal marking options for Q-Queenie and G-George (both Australian-flown aircraft) along with the 617 Squadron markings of AJ-G. Modelers are able to choose to build a MK 1 and Dambuster version from this box.”
This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.