Hma HO/OO Removable Modern Highway Light X 2



HMA 2146 Removable Modern Highway Light (2 pack) | HO Gauge

2 Pack Removable Modern Highway Lights for HO/OO Gauge.

Why Removable?
All lamps and bases from the HMA Range are interchangeable, so once the bases are installed, if you feel like a change, try it!

From time to time, any layout will need some track cleaning or maintenance. The station lamps, in order to look authentic, need thin, delicate lamp support arms. Too thin and delicate to stand many hard knocks. So these lights are designed to simply unplug and store them out of harms way.

Lights and lamps will turn in the base to face any direction, so it should be possible to have a very realistic night time scene on any part of your layout.

x2 HMA Modern Highway Light
x2 HMA Lamp Base

These are fine scale lighting items and are not a toy. Handle with care for long life!