HMA 2407 HO Double Sided Crossing Lights With Boom Gate 2 Pcs Railway



HMA 2407 Double-Sided ‘RAILWAY’ Crossing Lights with Boom Gates (2 Pack) | HO Gauge
One Pair (2) Double-Sided ‘RAILWAY’ Crossing Lights with Boom Gates.

Boom Gates can be motorised with a slow-motion point motor, such as Tortoise or Cobalt, or alternative, a small servo motor.

Want to make your crossing lights flash? Add HMA 110 Level Crossing Light Flasher Unit to make your lights flash! Simple to wire and set up for an amazing effect.

LED Crossing Lights opperate on 9 – 15 volt A.C. or 12 volt D.C. (only operate on one polarity). Requires connecting wires to flashing unit and power supply. Easy to follow instructions provided. These are fine scale signals and are not a toy. Handle with care for long life!

x1 Pair HMA 2407 Crossing Lights with Boom Gates
Mounting Screws