Gecko GM35036 1/35 WWII US 20L Jerry Can Set Plastic Model Kit



The US version of the jerrycan is covered by military specification MIL-C-1283 Fand has been produced since the early 1940s by a number of US manufacturers, according to a current manufacturer, Blitz. The National Stock Number is 7240-00-222-3088. It is considered obsolete by a new A-A-59592 B specification, having been replaced with high-density polyethylene versions.

Jerrycans typically have a rounded rectangular cross section with package handles. Most have three handles: a center handle for one person carrying a lightweight can, two handles for a person lifting a full can, or two handles for two people to carry. The configuration of the three handles allows one person to carry two empty jerrycans in one hand.

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.