Carrera Go!!! 1/43 DTM Master Class Slot Car Set



Mattias Ekström versus René Rast! There will be no compromises in this battle of the pros. The Audi RS 5 DTM ‘M. Ekström, No. 5’ and the Audi RS 5 ‘R. Rast, No. 33’ provide lots of action in the new Carrera GO!!! ‘DTM Master Class’ set. The blue Audi vs. the red Audi is the big race on an 8.9-metre Carrera GO!!! racing circuit that tests the limits of drivers of all ages. The two loops, a steep bend and a fly-over are great fun – and require fans to master every handset skill in the book.


  • Hit the pedal and race ahead with the Carrera Go!!! DTM Master Class Playset
  • 1:43 scale slot cars – Audi RS 5 DTM (driven by M. Ekstrom, No. 5) and Audi RS 5 (driven by R. Rast, No. 33)
  • Race track features bends, straights, a fly-over and a loop to challenge your opponent
  • Remote control with a turbo boost button
  • Measures 220 cm long and 98 cm wide

1 Carrera Go!!! DTM Master Class
2 cars
2 remote controls

x1 Carrera GO!!! 64157 Audi RS 5 DTM “M. Ekström, No.5”
x1 Carrera GO!!! 64132 Audi RS 5 DTM “R.Rast, No.33”
x1 Carrera GO!!! 61666 Connecting Section
x2 Carrera GO!!! and GO!!! PLUS 61663 Electronic Speed Controller
x1 Carrera GO!!! 61531 Transformer 14,8V – 0,7 Amp
x1 Carrera GO!!! Mechanical Lap Counter
x2 Carrera GO!!! 61613 Looping Set
x2 Carrera GO!!! Fly Over
x3 Carrera GO!!! Straight 114 mm
x4 Carrera GO!!! 61656 Straight 171mm
x9 Carrera GO!!! 61602 Straight
x4 Carrera GO!!! 61612 Radius 1 Banked Curve 45°
x6 Carrera GO!!! 61603 Radius 1 Curve 90°
Carrera Barrier Security
Carrera GO!!! 88303 Fasteners for Barriers
Carrera GO!!! 88185 Track Connection Clips
Carrera GO!!! Easy-Clip Support Rail
x2 Carrera GO!!! 88104 Guide
x4 Carrera GO!!! 61510 Double Braid
x1 Instruction manual