Carisma 1/24 MSA-1E Subaru Brat RC Crawler RTR


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Carisma Scale Adventure brings you the 1/24th MSA-1E crawler units that will take you places many of the others can’t! If you want big performance in a small package, that also looks good, then you can’t go past these RC Crawlers from Carisma.

High torque 3 wired micro servo from Hobby Grade
MSA-1E spring dampers for low maintenance
Smart Drag brake featured in the all new KD PROPO ESC/RX
Utilise FPV module and optional LED kit through the built in ports
Locked diffs and permanent shaft driven 4WD
All new KD PROPO 2.4Gh radio transmitter
Battery is 130mAh NiMh
USB charger included for safe recharging
Transmitter takes AA batteries which are included
ESC is LiPo ready
Set driving modes – Beginner/Intermediate/Expert – on the ‘1-2-3’ feature on Smart Throttle
Power packed high torque micro motor and heatsink
Velcro Stealth body posts

Subaru Brat replica from Carisma RC
Where you take the MSA-1E RC Crawler is limited only by your imagination. Of a size that is perfect for indoor use you can tackle a flat out hallway run, slalom underneath the kitchen table or run the gauntlet with curious pets.

The range of MSA RC Crawlers is perfect for drivers of all ages. The all-new ‘1-2-3’ or ‘Beginner-Intermediate-Expert’ Smart throttle allows for mode changes to suit your level of experience with subtle changes in driving characteristics and top speeds in each setting.

The Smart Drag Brake feature on the all-new KD PROPO ESC/RX is programmed to kick in when you are most in need ie: challenging descents and inclines. You can be assured that the components are built tough using a Hobby Grade high torque 3-wire micro servo that works in conjunction with the receiver and the 2.4GHz transmitter.

Big adventures in a small truck are what to expect from this affordable RC crawler. Easy to transport and fun to use the Mini Scale Adventure (MSA) units take the best features of the SCA-1E RC trucks and apply them to this smaller version. With realistic scale detail, locked axles, 4-link suspension, all-terrain high grip tyres, and, enhanced weight bias for more balanced driving you have yourself big performance from a small package. Size isn’t everything!

Skid Clearance:25mm