Bandai 5061919 MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam


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The Eclipse Gundam
As featured in the manga “Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Eclipse”, now a stunning Master Grade kit from Bandai! Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Gundam SEED is this transformable Gundam from the new SEED MSV project! A customized M1 Astray utilizing technology “borrowed” from the Freedom that Kira had been using, this Eclipse Gundam was officially mass produced as the Murasame in “Gundam SEED Destiny” and combines the tech of the Earth, Orb, and ZAFT forces allowing its body to be able use the Striker, Silhouette, and Wizard packs. Following the lore, this model kit utilizes portions from the MG Freedom 2.0 including its tri-color motif. Includes rifle that can be changed to a sword form as well as beam shield with effect parts.

The Eclipse Gundam with distinct radical form is able to transform between Mobile Suit and Mobile Armor mode. The new Master Grade mobile suit for the new Gundam Seed MSV series is compatible with existing Striker and Wizard packs from the MG 1/100 Strike Gundam Ver. RM, and MG 1/100 Gunner Zaku Warrior series model kits.

Proportions are kept as accurate as possible while still allowing for full possibility

Its various equipment is all included and can be attached via joint parts.

The Saber Mode can be reproduced by attaching the beam effect to the grip parts of the rifle when separated, and clear parts for the left and right arm Beam Shields are included.

Original marking stickers are also included.

Beam rifle (x2)
Beam shield (x2)
Effect parts for beam saber (x2)
Effect parts for beam shield (x2)
Interchangeable hands (x5 types, left and right)
Joint set for Striker pack equipment
Joint set for Silhouette equipment
Joint set for Wizard equipment
Foil stickers
Marking stickers
Base for display

Item Size: 39.0cm x 31.0cm x 10.5cm

Gundam models, or gunpla, are assembly model kits depicting the vehicles and characters of the fictional anime Gundam universe by Bandai. Gunpla is very popular due to the high-quality of engineering, the flexible articulation of the finished models, the pre-coloured plastic parts, and the ease of construction. No glue is necessary to construct, though specialised plastic cutters or hobby knives are recommended to remove the parts of the sprue. Stickers and decals for markings are usually supplied, as well as a universal instruction sheets.