Bandai 5059241 1/144 HGCE ZGMF-X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam




The Force Impulse Gundam from “Gundam Seed Destiny” joins the REVIVE lineup of Gundam kits from Bandai. This 1/144 scale Force Impulse Gundam, featured in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, is brought to you by Bandai Japan. The Impulse Gundam is meant to adapt to battle situations rather than combating in a specific environment. This Gundam model kit comes with a high-energy beam rifle, vajra beam sabers, a core splendor, and a silhouette flyer. All parts come molded in multiple colours with foil stickers provided for extra markings.


-Plastic model kit

-1/144 scale

-Featured in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

-Includes several weapons

-Force Impulse Gundam figure

-High-energy beam rifle

-Riot Botate

-2 Vajra beam saber

-Core Splendor

-Silhouette flyer

-Instruction manual