Austrains NEO PL016 HO 14 BPL VR Red PL Series Passenger Carriage Single Pack



Pre-production sample image only. Final delivered production item may vary.The original Austrains PL series of carriages have been upgraded. The Austrains NEO series are based around the same 59’9″ design as the original models.

We’ve retooled the sides to reflect another style of doorway synonymous to this type of carriage, the sliding door. At the same time we took the opportunity to remove the faux raised screw heads of the original model along the raised beading and letter board area of the car body.

We have also improved the dimensionally accuracy of the roof mounted torpedo ventilators, made some small changes to the appearance of the bogies and improved the interior seat representation.

Lastly, we have introduced an additional width underframe, with centered handbrake wheel position. This provides us with a opportunity to model specific car numbers that match the prototype and offer all new car numbers. Three distinct eras of operation are offered, all with specific annotations on the car sides.

The APL and BCPL cars use the original 8’0″ wide style underframe and the BPL cars ride on a new 7’6″ style of underframe with centered handbrake wheel.