AFV Club AF35321 1/35 WWII M1 8 inch Howitzer M2 Limber Plastic Model Kit



AFV Club AF35321 1/35 WWII M1 8 inch Howitzer M2 Limber Plastic Model Kit

The 8-inch howitzer M1 on carriage M1 was a heavy field weapon, utilizing a two-wheel, single-axle limber and an eight-wheel, two-axle bogie while traveling. The carriage was lowered to the ground for firing. When in traveling position, the trail ends of the carriage were attached to heavy carriage limber M2. When emplaced, removable spades were installed on the carriage and on the rear ends of the trails. The howitzer used a forged, auto-frettaged, built-up tube that was 202.5 inches (514 cm) in length and weighed 9,835 pounds (4,621 kg). The breech was an interrupted screw type with an Ashbury style single motion opening breech block mechanism.

The 8-inch howitzer used the same M1 carriage as the M1A1 155mm “Long Tom” Gun. It used a hydro-pneumatic, variable length recoil system in the cradle under the tube and two pneumatic pull type equilibrators on either side of the tube and cradle. The split trail allowed it to elevate to 64 degrees and traverse to 60 degrees. It weighted 15.8 tons and was towed by a Mack NO 6×6 7.5-ton truck or an M4 or M5 High Speed Tractor. The M1 used separate loading ammunition with bagged powder charges. The 107-pound (48.8kg) charge propelled a 200-pound (91kg) high explosive projectile to a range of 18,510 yards (16.9km).

This is a scale plastic model kit, assembly required. Paints and glue not included.