ABR Model Works HO Dougs Repair Shop Kit


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Doug’s repair shop is a small suburban industrial-style building that would be found along a highway, near a freight yard or service facility.

This is well detailed with 48 3D printed scenic detail parts.

It features a concrete base/driveway, high bay roller door, large workshop windows, office and internal door to the workshop, Awnings over the entrances. Can be built with pilasters on the corners for an older look or without for a more modern look.

This kit is HO Scale building and part of our “Modular Model Building System” model building kit series. Designed to be flexible, our kits are easily combined with other modules from the system, allowing you to build whatever type of industrial, commercial or municipal building you need for your model railway.

Foot print is 8 7/16″ 21.4cm long x 5 15/16″ 12.6cm wide x 3 1/8 7.8cm high.


  • Modular design so you can change it to suit your needs.

  • Slot & tab panel alignment for easy assembly.

  • Detailed assembly instructions.

  • Detailed assembly video with tips and how to’s

48 – 3d printed scenic detail parts to really bring the scene to life.

Workbench with tolls and vice, shelf with books bottles & box’s, assorted crates, 205-litre/44-gallon drums, gas bottles, oil tank, hand trolley, pallets, rubbish bins, power meter box, air compressor, locker, fire hydrant wall outlet, fire hydrant alarm bell, entrance awnings, wall corner protector caps, doors and windows.


Not included

  • Glue, paint, weathering and finishing products

  • Figures, vehicles, rail, rolling stock etc.

Tools needed

  • hobby knife

  • needle files

  • sprue cutter

  • sandpaper and sanding block

  • ruler/straightedge

  • pegs, clamps, weights

  • Paintbrushes

Optional Tools

  • Airbrush

  • Spray booth

Supplies used in the photos and build video

These supplies are available from your local hobby shop and are only suggestions based on what we used in the how to build Doug’s repair shop video.

Deluxe Materials

  • Speed Bond

  • Model Lite RC

  • Modellers Canopy Glue


  • Surface primer Grey

  • Surface primer Black

  • Surface primer Israeli Sand

  • Surface primer German Red Brown

  • Hobby Paint US Khaki

  • Hobby Paint Gory Red

  • Wash Light Grey

  • Wash Dark Grey

  • Model Air Dark Sea Grey

  • Model Air Middlestone

  • Model Air Fire Red

  • Model Air Medium Yellow

  • Model Air Traffic Blue

  • Model Color Smoke

  • Model Color Wood Grain

  • Model Color Flat Earth

  • Model Color Brown Sand

  • Model Color Flat Green

  • Model Color Oily Steel

SMS Scale Model Suppliers

  • Weathering Pigment Dust

  • Weathering Pigment Concrete Dust

Scenic items used

Woodland Scenics

  • Welders and accessories